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We are glad to have you here!
It is not easy these days to find the right words. Our thoughts are with the people in Ukraine and with the people all over the world, which call to end the violence.

As a community music project we want to contribute to the peace movements and therefore start a new project: YOUnited For Ukraine

The goal of the project is to unite as many people as possible from all over the world musically and to record the song Heal the World by Michael Jackson together. The release date will be announced soon.

The project will be connected with a donation campaign to help suffering people in and from Ukraine. We will support the initiative „Germany helps“. More information can be found here.

For us it is clear: We cannot and will not only watch. We want to send a strong sign together with the world: STOP THE WAR!

We look forward to your registrations and to your support!

Everyone can participate – you too!

Everyone, really everyone, is invited by heart to participate.

What is the plan?

  • A big community singing and playing virtually together the song Heal the World by Michael Jackson.
  • It is really easy to participate and does not take long (10-15 minutes).
  • We will send you all the information you need and support you through the whole process.

There are four ways to participate:

About the song

The song Heal the World by Michael Jackson was released in 1991 and it is an appeal to make the world a better place.The song is about people living together in peace all over the world. And it is about connecting people for this idea and to stand up for it together.

In 2020 YOUnited Harmonies already recorded this song with more than 160 participants. We want to re-upload this video. Therefore we will adapt the content to the current situation and integrate new participants.

Listen to the 2020 project here (song starts at 1:00 min):

About YOUnited Harmonies

YOUnited Harmonies is a community music project, which records a song once a year since 2019 and raises donations donations for a good cause. Every year the project connects about 200 participants from all over the world.
Goosebumps are guarenteed.

Here you can listen to the projects from the last years:

YOUnited Harmonies 2021 – All About Us

#WILstaytogether 2019 – We are the world